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Mr. Kools is ranting

October 12th Assignment

Friday I assigned you the job of finding ten (10) songs you want to learn how to play, and to do a listening for the seven elements of music.  One person had it done yesterday, so I extended the deadline.

That is still due today.

Your assignment for today is as follows:

You are going to create chord sheets for two (2) of your songs.

Search or other internet sources for a chord version of two of your songs. 
Try to pick songs that we allready know the chords for.
Your chord sheets must include:

  • Song Title
  • Artist \ composer
  • Chord reference chart – containing charts of all chords used in the song
  • Lryics with corelating chord names on top for at least one verse and chorus, as well as any part that differs from the song form (bridge, coda, etc).
  • Additional verses do not need to have chord symbols on top
  • Your name
  • a copyright free graphic that goes with the meaning and feel of the song
    • X:\canadian clipart collection
    • X:\CD Shared Resources (corel)\CorelWP12\Graphics\clipart
    • X:\CD Shared Resources (corel)\CorelDraw 12\Clipart
      • previous 3 also found at S:\kools\
    • must photocopy well ( try for black and white, or clipart )
  • Strumming pattern
  • Link to Youtube video of song – not how to play video

Use whatever program you feel comfortable with, but I recommend Corel Draw

Due: Monday October 17th

Marked out of 10

10 –  All required parts are accounted for, clear and artistically co-ordinated
9 – All required parts are accounted for, and well executed.
8 – All required parts are present and
7 – Most required parts are present
6 – Some required parts are present
5 – Few required parts are present
4-0 – Wrong or no required parts are present


Test day was today, and I was kind of disapointed.

What I was expecting:

  • fluid transitions between chords
  • Ease of playing
  • Correct rhythms

What I heard

  • Jittery transitions with
  • Huge gaps between chords
  • inconsistant rhythms, and hesitations
  • lack of practice

Come on guys, we need to pull it together. 


Practice shorter, but more frequently.  Create those Zen moments where you can do it in your sleep.

Practice with friends – challenge eachother to do better

Come in for extra help


Keep working guys


Welcome Guitarists

Most likely you are here because of the AMG2O course at Kenner Collegiate and Vocational??? Institute. 

Here are some things you may need:

Please remember to practice.

Mr. Kools