October 12th Assignment

Friday I assigned you the job of finding ten (10) songs you want to learn how to play, and to do a listening for the seven elements of music.  One person had it done yesterday, so I extended the deadline.

That is still due today.

Your assignment for today is as follows:

You are going to create chord sheets for two (2) of your songs.

Search http://www.ultimate-guitar.com or other internet sources for a chord version of two of your songs. 
Try to pick songs that we allready know the chords for.
Your chord sheets must include:

  • Song Title
  • Artist \ composer
  • Chord reference chart – containing charts of all chords used in the song
  • Lryics with corelating chord names on top for at least one verse and chorus, as well as any part that differs from the song form (bridge, coda, etc).
  • Additional verses do not need to have chord symbols on top
  • Your name
  • a copyright free graphic that goes with the meaning and feel of the song
    • search.creativecommons.com
    • X:\canadian clipart collection
    • X:\CD Shared Resources (corel)\CorelWP12\Graphics\clipart
    • X:\CD Shared Resources (corel)\CorelDraw 12\Clipart
      • previous 3 also found at S:\kools\
    • must photocopy well ( try for black and white, or clipart )
  • Strumming pattern
  • Link to Youtube video of song – not how to play video

Use whatever program you feel comfortable with, but I recommend Corel Draw

Due: Monday October 17th

Marked out of 10

10 –  All required parts are accounted for, clear and artistically co-ordinated
9 – All required parts are accounted for, and well executed.
8 – All required parts are present and
7 – Most required parts are present
6 – Some required parts are present
5 – Few required parts are present
4-0 – Wrong or no required parts are present

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