Song- blowing in the wind by bob Dylan

Day 6: September 19th 2011

Blowing in the Wind by Bob Dylan


Chords: Blowing in the wind

  • One strum per chord
  • Two strums per chord 
  • d du du du

Welcome Guitarists

Most likely you are here because of the AMG2O course at Kenner Collegiate and Vocational??? Institute. 

Here are some things you may need:

Please remember to practice.

Mr. Kools

Song: Down on the Corner by CCR

Day one: September 12th

Down on the Corner by Creedence Clearwater Revival, or CCR

Youtube: Down on the corner

Down on the Corner Chords

Strumming pattern:

  1. One strum per chord symbol
  2. Two strums per chord symbol
  3.  dv d dv d dv dv dv dv